With Au Jus – Grrrr

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Over the years as the Food Network, social media and the plethora of food blogs that I follow have grown in popularity, one thing has always set my teeth on edge. Every. Single. Time.

I am a diner/pub guy. I’m a food photographer with a niche in everyday pub grub and diner-style food. My wife is a foodie and she loves watching all the programs that come up regularly. The diners, drive-ins, etc guy made me notice it more and more when he actually corrected a chef once. When the chef said something like “then we add the jus” and the show host said, “you mean the Au Jus”. Continue reading

Tripods, why they are necessary and why I hate them

_DSC3675Learning how to photograph food has been a challenge and joy to me these last few years. I took it on when I lost some mobility and couldn’t continue to shoot events anymore. But that’s another story..

I am an internet junkie, and I spend a lot of time surfing. It was more fun ten years ago, but there are still fun things on the net that are not solely aimed at making money although they are few and far between. That too is another story. But what I also do, is try and learn things like food photography by watching experts on Youtube or Vimeo, or reading blogs and other sources for tips and tricks. Continue reading