Do you even grilled cheese?

_DSC1373Those who know me well know that my first food love is bacon, but also know that if I can introduce some cheese into anything, I will. Love the stuff.

I do have to admit it was an acquired taste. As a kid growing up in rural Nova Scotia, I was an extremely picky eater. I couldn’t eat shellfish, didn’t like vegetables except for peas, loathed mushrooms and I didn’t like cheese except cheese whiz (which really doesn’t count) and it had to be a grilled cheese sandwich. My poor mother had the hardest time feeding me. According to my sister (and my dental bills) I really enjoyed candy though.

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Steak. Nuff said….

_DSC1005Just kidding, there is a tonne of things to say about steak. Where to even start? How about with a nice steak like the one above? That’s a hand cut beef tenderloin steak. We buy the whole tenderloin and I slice them up myself. It’s less expensive and I can portion them however I like, generally going for consistent weight in each steak so we are almost always having roughly the same amount of meat (I aim for 6 oz, which is a good size for us when you factor in the sides we have with them).

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An adventure with a tart


A good portion of my quality time is spent with my wife perusing food blogs and recipe sites. We have our individual favorites with me focusing on the pictures while my wife looks at the structures of great looking meals. As a stock photographer, I am forever interested in what people make and how they present it visually. The flip side of that is also how many bloggers buy stock photos to represent their meals. I don’t judge. Not everyone can do justice to their creations with a camera, so having something bought may better show their audience what they are trying to say. Besides, that’s one way I make a tidy bit of money as a stock photographer, but I digress…

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Wonton and ramen noodle soup

We all did it. University, starting out in your first apartment, or the parents aren’t home and you need to eat. Ramen noodles, instant food, noodles for breakfast or at other times, a quick carbo-load to get you into your day. But where I grew up in Canada, they were what you bought when you couldn’t afford anything else (or needed to save your money for beer).

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With Au Jus – Grrrr

You can license this image from my store, just click the picture

Over the years as the Food Network, social media and the plethora of food blogs that I follow have grown in popularity, one thing has always set my teeth on edge. Every. Single. Time.

I am a diner/pub guy. I’m a food photographer with a niche in everyday pub grub and diner-style food. My wife is a foodie and she loves watching all the programs that come up regularly. The diners, drive-ins, etc guy made me notice it more and more when he actually corrected a chef once. When the chef said something like “then we add the jus” and the show host said, “you mean the Au Jus”. Continue reading